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QQI level 5 Care of the Older Person  (5N2706)


This  module is a great starter course for anyone looking to become a Carer. This course is now compulsory and a Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) requirement to work in Nursing Homes. The module explores chronic illness and is packed with fun group work activities. It also explores the role of HIQA and areas of elder abuse.  


QQI level 5 Care Skills   (5N2706)


This module is perhaps the most practical of the QQI modules in Healthcare. It is essential for Carers who want to learn how to carry out their nursing care tasks competently. Learning how to carry out a bed bath properly, assisting clients going to the bathroom, helping clients with feeding are just some of the tasks students will learn on the course. Keeping up-to-date with changes in clinical practice is also an important aspect of the course. This is a practical based course packed with demonstrations and assimilated scenarios.  


QQI level 5 Palliative Care Support (5N3769)


This important module is suitable for anyone working with clients with life-limiting illnesses and can be applied to all areas of care work. The module will enable the student to improve the quality of life of clients who are terminal ill and explore topics such as grief and loss. Students will develop appropriate communication strategies and learn about person centred care.


QQI level 5 Infection Prevention & Control (5N3734)


This specialized module is suitable for anyone working in a healthcare environment. With current changes to standard precautions procedures and outbreaks of hospital acquired infections, it is increasingly important health care workers are familiar with current practices. This practical based module covers recent changes in hand hygiene, standard precautions, protocols for cleaning, disposal of linen and much more - an essential course for any healthcare worker.

QQI level 5 Care Support  (5N0728)

This module is a mandatory module for the Major Award in Healthcare Support.

The course explores care planning and the necessary skills required in report writing and record keeping.  It examines the structure of the current healthcare system in Ireland and how it works. It also explores interpersonal issues in care work for example, social and  cultural issues, stress management and personal development for the care worker.




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